Situated in the heart of one of the leading fashion hubs and trendsetter in the country. SwagJuiceCo. strives to introduce fabulous brand & taste of e-liquids to the human world. Our objective is to be well known brand globally and most supported by a wide range of vapers and fashionistas. SwagJuiceCo. always welcome collaborations with any established and reputable international brands. The collaborations are recognized as being genre less and flexible, not limited to vaping category only.

It's all about swagjuiceco

Using today's top notch machinery 

to ensure our product are 'safe to be use' and at it's best quality. All product will go through quality check before leaving our facilities.

We create our own system to track the batch in every product that we produce. 

We do ship our product across the globe. Either by air or sea, we made sure all our client received the product on time.

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+ International Series

+ OD Series

+ Remix Concentrates

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